“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, a man who never reads lives only one.”

-George R.R Martin

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The Black Hole

One day I felt that I had made progress and grown, That I had moved ahead and taken the leap, Until it all fell down with a moan, Again collapsing in a shattered heap. “Rise again”, my Will ordered me, “This is just the night before the day” But that was just not meant to… Continue Reading →


Saturday evening, lying in bed, reading a book upside down, concentrating on the words even though there’s a fabulous amount of honking on the road. You know; I would say ‘achievement’, except the thing is, just being awake physically does not mean your brain is working. This is like the phase where you take 3-4… Continue Reading →

Destiny Dictums

You can never get dreamers to stop, Their creativity has no bounds, Their ideas are rarely flops, They’re the ones who discover new grounds. Thinking of things like no one else, Thinking in a completely different way, They hold the whole world in a spell, Creativity always seems to save the day! Destiny always seems… Continue Reading →


You ever had that dream where animals can talk, And on two legs they can walk? This guy has broken out of twenty two prisons in a row, If you give him a gun he’ll put on a show! Now who am I talking of guess if you can, Of course, it has to be… Continue Reading →


*Yawn* My eyes feel blurry, and for a moment I see green spots dancing through my vision in the shape of a large half-green-half-yellow cricket ground with ants holding bats and balls through the haziness of the dusty window frame net which is coated with probably a month’s worth of grime, along with the drab… Continue Reading →

Iron’y’ Man

In a metal suit he flies, Leaving behind a trail of smoke in the skies. A man with some very big brains, Who has way too far fetched aims. A bit of a hole in his chest, White light gleaming under his vest. Irony is his favourite game, His funny acronyms (among other things) earned… Continue Reading →

Who is the best Teacher?

If you believe in some amazing magic, In adventures, explorers and mysteries somewhat tragic, If you enjoy dreaming up something pulse-thickening, And stories that are thought-quickening, Then books must be your favourite haunt, And read you will; no matter how small the font. Who cares about the homework on your study table, When you’re happily… Continue Reading →


A musty smell lingered in the air of the stuffy room. A still, serene silence hung all around me, as I stood in the old house, once filled with happy household chatter, now a deserted, lifeless kingdom. Thin shafts of light strayed into the room from boarded window panes, with small particles of dust visibly… Continue Reading →


You know you owe me an apology, You know what you did was wrong. But of course; its in our biology, It will always take you this long! Ten million chances I give you, All seem to go down the drain, Why cant you do what you’re told to do, Why must you be such… Continue Reading →

The Mountains

This time, I’m not going to do any time pass before going straight to the topic. No round-about ways, no trailers, let’s just start the movie. No nonsense either. Or wait; did I just do what I was aiming not to do? Oops…….. Alright whatever. First off, I’d like to clearly state that this stuff… Continue Reading →


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