“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, a man who never reads lives only one.”

-George R.R Martin

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The Starving Pocket

Look, I know that you probably think I’m bonkers looking at the topic (not implying that my earlier topics haven’t been weird, but just bear with me; ) but it’s just a very true story. Anyways, I bet everyone remembers the good old days when everything was bright and sunny, and you didn’t have a… Continue Reading →

The Most Important Part………………..of your body.

Alright, I know the topic is way weird, but just wait till you see the story behind it; maybe you’ll rethink your plan of calling up a psychoanalyst (hopefully). Sometimes, your class teacher does this thing where she starts the class with a question, just to find a so called creative way to introduce a… Continue Reading →

The ‘Leap’ Years

So, for maybe the first say, 7 years of my life, I had no idea that such things existed. It never even occurred to me that I might have spent an entire extra day once. Technically, by the time I was in 3rd grade, I had even forgotten about the fact that February has only… Continue Reading →

Just My Luck (and I mean before the pandemic)

The past year has been painful. Also boring. Not to mention slow. I have absolutely no notion to be convinced that this year is going to be any better. But, fingers crossed. Anyways, this is going to be the Chronicle of a Lifetime of………………silly mistakes and coincidences (Just kidding: It’s just the years I actually… Continue Reading →


His breath danced like tiny ghosts in front of his face in the freezing air. Pale skinned, he bundled his jacket closer to himself, the chills tingling in his bones. Spending your Christmas Eve sitting on damp cold concrete with snow falling everywhere with only a thin jacket to keep warm at 9 years of… Continue Reading →

Frantic Fitness

Today I woke at first light, But somehow I can no longer see my toes, For my belly protrudes far beyond my sight, Now I have this new addition to my woes! Lockdown has been rather painfully trying, Emotional eating is a habit I cant forego, Looking at its consequences I feel like crying, How… Continue Reading →

Judgmental Gibberish

If pictures speak louder than words, personalities should speak louder than professions. I suppose everyone must admit, it’s one of the worlds greatest confessions. Haven’t you ever had the time to wonder, why does the world keep making such a terrible blunder? Why do we have to be so very judgmental in the way we… Continue Reading →


That, in some other persons view, is the perfect word to describe a certain amount of the population of the world today. No offense, but it is technically kind of true. Only ‘dunces’ won’t be able to grasp the gravity of the current situation and not take the necessary precautions required. Whatever. But this post… Continue Reading →

Infantine Ideas

Have you ever had that weird thought, When you have need of naught, But at night you can’t rest, Although to sleep you try your best. Your thoughts seem to overflow the brink, With millions of infantine ideas you like to think. A million stars in the sky, A trillion innovative ideas you’d like to… Continue Reading →

The Great Supper Fiasco

Sort of a self-explanatory topic, isn’t it? Whatever. Can’t really think of a better one, my brain is to cluttered because I came fresh out of an exam which I ‘m pretty sure I flunked. Again. I don’t get what’s wrong with me, honestly. Maybe it’s just that my nerves are fried. Talking about fried,… Continue Reading →


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