“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, a man who never reads lives only one.”

-George R.R Martin

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A Peepal’s Flag

Fondling the sky, Dancing with the wind, Fluttering flags up high, Merrily intertwined. Waving at pastel twilight dim, A united swaying mass, Quivering with an elegant whim, As shimmering shafts of light pass. Canopies offer refuge to all, Cheering any who see, Some large and some small, Green beacons free. Bearing lines of ages past,… Continue Reading →


“I dont know”The anthem of my dayInevitably there wherever I goIt always gets in the wayNo matter what is asked of meI just cannot express myselfNot sure how this came to beI think its starting to affect my healthI have my own opinions, have no doubt;Somehow I just can’t say them out loud,Although I would… Continue Reading →

That Time

Everyone has been through that time, When all hope seems to be lost, In your pocket there isn’t a dime, And your heart has sunk in the bitter cold frost. You are nearly on the verge of tears, With all the problems you have to face, But all you need to do is master your… Continue Reading →


Radiant rays of sunlight ran across the white sand of the beach. The sea spread out like a glittering mass of blue jewels in the light of the gradually rising sun. Soft waves splashed against the coast, then receded back slowly, drenching the land in their gentle touch. The sound of the rippling waves was… Continue Reading →


It’s always THERE. Annoying. Irritating. Ceaseless. Forever. Sometimes almost too much to bear, Nagging but unstoppable, however. Always in the way. Impenetrable. Impregnable. Dauntless. Always manages to spoil the perfect day, Absolutely heartless Useless in every sense. Impotent. Futile. Worthless. Inept. Rails up your chances like a fence, Makes you wonder why it was ever… Continue Reading →


Standing erect up high,Scorched in the sun by day,Dark against the blue sky,Buffeted by wind on its wayA blinking spot by night,Red in a starless sky,Overlooking the city at its height,Morose in the silence up highCocky birds and rumbling planes,The only visitors to pass by,Clouds and transparent window panes,The only views of the skyRain drums… Continue Reading →

The Mowing Routine

Shuddering with fear, Cowering in the sun, Trying to get thoughts to clear, Panicking as one Gusts of wind roar, Swirling through the blades, The pandemonium grows more, Hope dolefully fades The mower is coming, The whole field is aware, Its engine is rumbling, The blades ensnare Grass begins to fly, Falling like rain, Green… Continue Reading →


Fluttering pages, A glossy cover, Tales about the ages, Lands to discover Novels and magic, Heroes and knights, Tales somewhat tragic, Dragons in flight Kane Chronicles, Lord of the rings, Ecstasy has golden wings, Heroes of Olympus, Magnus chase, Time flies by in a rapid haze Trips to Narnia, duels with wizards, Exploits in swirling… Continue Reading →


Eyes tightly closed, Wrinkled forehead, The mood rather predisposed, Brain feels like lead. Headache puts up its camp, Stress conquers more land, Body begins to cramp, Frustration offers a hand. Concentration swings, Problems breed, Pressure clings, Solutions are what I need! Yet my brain seems to disagree, Every time I try to work it, The… Continue Reading →


A smooth glass window pain,A damp rainy morn,Dark umbrellas dotting the lane,The scene rather forlorn.Indolent action in mind,Chilled hands and stiff feet,Fingers folded intertwined,Raindrops drumming to the beat.Numbness begins to preside,An ambience of gloom,All other sentiments reside,Heavy thoughts loom.Torrents of sorrow flow,A flood of despair breaks free,Time passes slow,Contemplating the harsh decree….. —–x—–


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